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07/07/2015 - SSALC AGM MINUTES 2015 - SIGNED

SSALC Limited AGM Minutes 2015


Directors Present: Cllr Keith Stevens ESALC Limited Chairman

Cllr Rodney Jackson WSALC Limited Chairman

Cllr Dr Richard Olliver Surrey ALC Limited Chairman

Cllr Richard Jessop ESALC Limited Vice Chairman

Cllr Tony Gardiner WSALC Limited

Cllr Valerie Court WSALC Limited

Cllr Don McBeth ESALC Limited

Cllr Kay Moss ESALC Limited

Cllr Brian Ellis Surrey ALC Limited & SALC Vice President

Mr Mark Mulberry Company Secretary

Officers Present: Cllr Michael Chater OBE President WSALC Ltd.

Dr Alex MacGillivray Vice President ESALC Ltd.

Mrs M Shepherd DL Vice President ESALC Ltd.

Cllr Alan Grant Vice President WSALC Ltd.

Cllr Liz Cutter Vice President Surrey ALC Ltd.

Mr Trevor Leggo Chief Executive

Mrs Jacqui Simes Finance & Office Manager


Others Present: None



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